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Alhabill, F. N., Ayoob, R., Andritsch, T. and Vaughan, A. S. (2017) Effect of Resin/Hardener Stoichiometry on Electrical Behavior of Epoxy Networks. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 24 (6). 3739 -3749. ISSN 1070-9878

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Baker, J., Daniels, R., Roberts, A. and Haines, B. (2017) The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad. [Shows/Exhibitions]

Baker, J., Daniels, R., Roberts, A. and Haines, R. (2017) The JukeBoxes. [Shows/Exhibitions]

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Chubb, S. (2017) Significant Walks Video. [Videos] (Submitted)

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Little, J. D. (2017) Kyrie, Op.5 (from "Missa Temporis Perditi"). [Shows/Exhibitions]

Little, J. D. (2017) Kyrie, Op.5 (from "Missa Temporis Perditi"). [Performances]

Little, J. D. (2017) Sacred Prelude, Op. 1. [Shows/Exhibitions]

Little, J. D. (2017) That Time of Year, Op.2 (thou mayst in me behold). [Performances]

Little, J. D. (2017) That Time of Year, Op.2 and Woefully Arrayed, Op.13. [Shows/Exhibitions]

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