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Akerman, Katie (2020) Invisible imposter: identity in institutions. Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education. pp. 1-5. ISSN 1460-7018

Augustus, Simon, Amca, Arif, Hudson, Penny E. and Smith, Neal A. (2020) Choice of low-pass filter influences practical interpretation of ball kicking motions: the effect of a time-frequency filter method. Sports Biomechanics. ISSN 1476-3141 (In Press)

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Avery, Elysia (2020) Exploring athletes’ perceptions of captain stress in competitive sporting environments. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Baker-Bates, Alistair (2020) Examining the key determinants that influence players’ perceptions of coach effectiveness in one training session. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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Costello, Rianne, Willems, Mark E. T., Myers, Stephen D., Myers, Fiona, Lewis, Nathan A., Lee, B. J. and Blacker, Sam D. (2020) No Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract on Recovery of Muscle Damage Following Running a Half-Marathon. International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism. ISSN 1526-484X (In Press)

Crisp, Philippe (2020) Leadership, Bridging, and Group-Game Engineering: Guidelines for Community Sport Coaches. International Sport Coaching Journal. pp. 1-10. ISSN 2328-918X

Crisp, Philippe (2020) Leadership, empowerment and coaching: how community sport coaches in the UK can effect behavioural change in disadvantaged youth through incrementally given roles of responsibility. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1940-6959

Crisp, Philippe and Sims, Jamie (2020) Towards A Natural for Life Movement in Sport: Health Implications, Cheating, And Why Anabolic Steroid Users Should Be Banned for Life. Bio Medical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research, 24 (4). pp. 18368-18370. ISSN 2574-1241

Crossland, Rachel (2020) "Peace was the third emotion": Tripartite balance in Between the Acts. In: Virginia Woolf, Europe and Peace: Aesthetics and Theory. Clemson University Press, Clemson, South Carolina, pp. 161-173. ISBN 9781949979374

Cutler, Vanessa (2020) Silica Valley. [Show/Exhibition]


Das, Ridoy, Wang, Yue, Putrus, Ghanim, Kotter, Richard, Marzband, Mousa, Herteleer, Bert and Warmerdam, Jos (2020) Multi-Objective Techno-Economic-Environmental Optimisation of Electric Vehicle for Energy Services. Applied Energy, 257. pp. 1-18. ISSN 0306-2619

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Duda, Joan L., Kitas, George D., Ntoumanis, Nikos, Yu, Chen-an, Rouse, Peter C., Metsios, George S., Veldhuijzen Van Zanten, Jet J. C. S. and Fenton, Sally A. M. (2020) Testing a self-determination theory-based process model of physical activity behavior change in rheumatoid arthritis: results of a randomized controlled trial. Translational Behavioral Medicine, ibaa02. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1869-6716


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Griffin, Liam (2020) The effects of caffeine supplementation on multiple sprint and countermovement jump performance. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


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Kelly, Charles (2020) An investigation into differences in attributions made during successful and unsuccessful performances. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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Lynch, Thomas (2020) Hegel, Islam, and Liberalism: Religion and the Shape of World History. Philosophy & Social Criticism. ISSN 0191-4537

Lyndon, Sandra (2020) Early years practitioners’ personal and professional narratives of poverty. International Journal of Early Years Education. ISSN 0966-9760


MacLeod, Alison J. (2020) Three and Six. Bloomsbury UK, Bloomsbury USA (and probably Penguin Canada), UK, USA, Canada plus international distribution. (In Press)

Madruga-Parera, Marc, Bishop, Chris, Read, Paul, Lake, Jason P., Brazier, Jon and Romero-Rodriguez, Daniel (2020) Jumping-based Asymmetries are Negatively Associated with Jump, Change of Direction, and Repeated Sprint Performance, but not Linear Speed, in Adolescent Handball Athletes. Journal of Human Kinetics, 71 (1). pp. 47-58. ISSN 1899-7562

Matthews, Jordan (2020) The Brighton Conference on Women and Sport. Sport in History. pp. 1-33. ISSN 1746-0263

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McMahon, Amy (2020) The impact of self-awareness during an aerobic exercise session: women’s affective responses to exercising with and without mirrors. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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Rice, Josephine (2020) Biomechanical technique comparison of the round-off tucked back somersault among international and regional gymnasts. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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Strømmen, Hannah and Schmiedel, Ulrich (2020) The Claim to Christianity: Responding to the Far Right. SCM Press, London. ISBN 9780334059233 (In Press)

Student, A. (2020) Are boys actually bad at reading? Investigating the causes for the gender reading gap. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) Does the explicit teaching of phonics in MFL lead to increased confidence and better pronunciation in KS2 children? Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) How can children’s attitudes towards reading for pleasure be influenced by their view of themselves as readers, and the wider school community? Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) How far does a multisensory approach to phonics increase achievement and engagement of children in the Early Years and Key Stage One? Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) Pre-service teachers' preparedness to use EdTech in practice: preparation for teaching under the Education Inspection Framework. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) What are the barriers teachers perceive to teaching Science outdoors? Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) What is being done in school to raise children’s science capital? Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) The earlier the better? A case study into the perceived benefits of and/or barriers to learning and additional language in KS1. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) An exploration into the amount of time reception aged children are engaged in physical activity and the viewpoints of primary school teachers on technology. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Taylor, Emily (2020) An exploration into the effects of pre-existing friendships on leaders and friends in team sports. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Temple, Paul Furness (2020) Meeting the challenge of delivering adult social care in the 21st century: what works in leading and managing adult social care? Doctoral thesis, University of Chichester.

Thompson, Jordan (2020) The influence of eccentric hip abductor strength on knee valgus during a single leg drop landing in university netball players. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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White, Emily (2020) Dog ownership as a motive for physical activity: An exploration of the Theory of Planned. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Williams, Luke (2020) Enjoy the ride: an exploratory qualitative approach to examining sources of intrinsic motivation in experienced windsurfers. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Wright, Alice (2020) The effectiveness of Gain-Framed and Loss-Framed messages on sedentary individuals physical activity levels. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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