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Augustus, Simon, Amca, Arif, Hudson, Penny E. and Smith, Neal A. (2020) Improved accuracy of biomechanical motion data obtained during impacts using a time-frequency low-pass filter. Journal of Biomechanics. ISSN 1873-2380

Avery, Elysia (2020) Exploring athletes’ perceptions of captain stress in competitive sporting environments. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Baker-Bates, Alistair (2020) Examining the key determinants that influence players’ perceptions of coach effectiveness in one training session. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Barron, Donald, Ball, Graham, Robins, Matthew T. and Sunderland, Caroline (2020) Identifying playing talent in professional football using artificial neural networks. Journal of Sports Sciences. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0264-0414

Belmar, Mariana, Gladwin, Thomas Edward, Reis, Lurdes, Pinho, Maria S., Silva, Dina, Nunes, Maria V., Raskin, S., de Mendonça, A. and Pereira, Antonina (2020) An Exploration of Prospective Memory Components and Subtasks of the Memory for Intentions Test (MIST). Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1380-3395

Buscombe, Richard, Potton, A., Volskis, L., Papageorgiou, A. and Greenlees, Iain A. (2020) The influence of body language and expected competency on gaze behaviour while forming an impression of a tennis player. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. ISSN 1557-251X (In Press)


Cooper, Daniel and Pulling, Craig (2020) The impact of ball recovery type, location of ball recovery and duration of possession on the outcomes of possessions in the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. Science and Medicine in Football. pp. 1-7. ISSN 2473-3938

Crisp, Philippe (2020) Leadership, empowerment and coaching: how community sport coaches in the UK can effect behavioural change in disadvantaged youth through incrementally given roles of responsibility. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1940-6959

Crisp, Philippe and Sims, Jamie (2020) Towards A Natural for Life Movement in Sport: Health Implications, Cheating, And Why Anabolic Steroid Users Should Be Banned for Life. Bio Medical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research, 24 (4). pp. 18368-18370. ISSN 2574-1241


Das, Ridoy, Wang, Yue, Putrus, Ghanim, Kotter, Richard, Marzband, Mousa, Herteleer, Bert and Warmerdam, Jos (2020) Multi-Objective Techno-Economic-Environmental Optimisation of Electric Vehicle for Energy Services. Applied Energy, 257. pp. 1-18. ISSN 0306-2619

Davidson, Andrea, Choinière, Isabelle and Pitozzi, Enrico (2020) Through the prism of the senses: New Realities of the Body in Contemporary Performance. Technologies, Cognition and Emergent research-creation Methodologies. Intellect Books, Bristol, UK. ISBN 9781789380798 (In Press)


Elias, Tanya, Ritchie, Laura, Gevalt, Geoffrey and Bowles, Kate (2020) A Pedagogy of “Small”: Principles and Values in Small, Open, Online Communities. In: Open(ing) education: Theory and practice. Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, The Netherlands,, pp. 364-389. ISBN 9789004422988


Gower, Bethany (2020) Hip and ankle muscle activation during landing in netball players with or without functional ankle instability. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Griffin, Liam (2020) The effects of caffeine supplementation on multiple sprint and countermovement jump performance. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Kelly, Charles (2020) An investigation into differences in attributions made during successful and unsuccessful performances. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Laurent, Julie, Chmiel, Nik and Hansez, Isabelle (2020) Personality and safety citizenship: the role of safety motivation and safety knowledge. Heliyon, 6 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 2405-8440

Lynch, Thomas (2020) Hegel, Islam, and Liberalism: Religion and the Shape of World History. Philosophy & Social Criticism. ISSN 0191-4537 (In Press)


MacLeod, Alison J. (2020) Three and Six. Bloomsbury UK, Bloomsbury USA (and probably Penguin Canada), UK, USA, Canada plus international distribution. (In Press)

McMahon, Amy (2020) The impact of self-awareness during an aerobic exercise session: women’s affective responses to exercising with and without mirrors. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Newell, Freya (2020) A suitable alternative to barefoot running: a biomechanical comparison of barefoot inspired footwear and their effect on injury rate. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Rice, Josephine (2020) Biomechanical technique comparison of the round-off tucked back somersault among international and regional gymnasts. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Runswick, Oliver R., Green, Richard and North, Jamie S. (2020) The effects of skill-level and playing-position on the anticipation of ball-bounce in rugby union. Human Movement Science, 69. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0167-9457


Spence, Joshua (2020) Corner kick analysis at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Stamatiou, Evi (2020) The Economic Communities of Edinburgh’s August Festivals: An Exclusive ‘Global Sense of Place’ and an Inclusive ‘Local Sense of Space’. In: Redefining Theatre Communities: International Perspectives on Community-Conscious Theatre-Making. Intellect, Bristol, UK. ISBN 9781789380767 (In Press)

Stamatiou, Evi (2020) Stepping Forward: An Exploration of Devised Theatre’s Democratic Designs in an Actor-Training Setting. In: International Federation of Theatre Research, Political Performance Working Group, Volume 2. Brill. (In Press)


Taylor, Emily (2020) An exploration into the effects of pre-existing friendships on leaders and friends in team sports. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Thompson, Jordan (2020) The influence of eccentric hip abductor strength on knee valgus during a single leg drop landing in university netball players. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


White, Emily (2020) Dog ownership as a motive for physical activity: An exploration of the Theory of Planned. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Williams, Luke (2020) Enjoy the ride: an exploratory qualitative approach to examining sources of intrinsic motivation in experienced windsurfers. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Wright, Alice (2020) The effectiveness of Gain-Framed and Loss-Framed messages on sedentary individuals physical activity levels. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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