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Acutt, Oliver (2018) American football “touching down” in Britain. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


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Rosier, Holly (2018) Marketing football in social media and the digital world. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Stamatiou, Evi (2020) The Economic Communities of Edinburgh’s August Festivals: An Exclusive ‘Global Sense of Place’ and an Inclusive ‘Local Sense of Space’. In: Redefining Theatre Communities: International Perspectives on Community-Conscious Theatre-Making. Intellect, Bristol, UK. ISBN 9781789380767 (In Press)

Student, A. (2015) Establish brand value to develop a marketing strategy that will enhance customer experience at Aiimi Ltd, London, for 2015-2016. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) How cashflow issues can affect the sustainability of the small and medium entities (SMEs) within Portsmouth area who bank with Barclays. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2016) An analysis of the costs of several prestigious training courses for the Maritime Warfare School for the 15/16 Financial Year. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2020) An assessment of the information campaigns that Banks are implementing to prepare customers for the financial implications from Brexit: A Case Study of University of Chichester Students. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2019) The effects of ‘Brexit’ on international investors investments within the United Kingdom. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2019) A guideline for investors on recession resistant stock investment options: A study of influencing factors on profits and share values. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Student, A. (2021) A study on individual investors and the effect of behavioural finance influences on their decision making while investing in the London Stock Exchange in 2020 in order to identify profitable investment strategies. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Tsouramanis, Dion (2018) The use of social media in marketing within the health and fitness gym wear industry, focusing on the utilisation of Instagram to shape and preserve consumer relationships. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


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Warwick, Robert and Pete, Burden (2018) Bringing Purpose to Life: Reflexive Thoughts and Possibilities. TAMARA Journal of Critical Organization Inquiry, 16 (1-2). pp. 13-24. ISSN 1532-5555

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