Marisa Zanotti

Reader in Choreography and Digital Technologies


University of Chichester

Screendance, Transmedia, Choreography, Performance, Mixed Reality

Dr Marisa Zanotti is an award-winning filmmaker who has been exploring ideas around bodies, screens and perception through analogue and digital technologies since the 1990s in different kinds of projects. Her work is informed by her background in performance, choreography, theatre and installation practices. She has a long term collaboration with the editor Ian Ballantyne and has created screendance projects with choreographers including Ben Wright (2012) and Lea Anderson (The Pan’s People Papers (2015), Edits Film (2014). Recent projects include the VR installation project “We Are All Made of Stars”, a collaboration with classical composer Matthew Whiteside, a Magnetic North commission with funding from Arts Council England. In 2018 her video projection commissioned by Whiteside for his more...

PhD: Bringing Forth Disorder: Adapting Choreography To The Screen BA: Hons Laban Centre

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Latest Additions

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