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Allen, H., Chubb, S., Dickinson, R., Majerus, M., Rielly, J., Sekules, V. and Tickle, L. (1997) Collections and Reflections: The Transformative and Assimilative Uses of Art Objects. Arts Council of England, London, UK. ISBN 9780728707382


Brown, V. (2010) Monologues: Victoria Brown. Pairings - A Conversation: Exploring Collaborative Creative Practice.

Brown, V. and Groppel-Wegener, A. C. (2012) Pairings - A Conversation: Exploring Collaborative Creative Practice. [Shows/Exhibitions]


Chubb, S. (2012) Change (1991). [Shows/Exhibitions]

Chubb, S. (2011) One Hour. [Shows/Exhibitions]

Chubb, S. (2017) One Hour - Visual Practice Exploring a Collective History. In: Wonder in Contemporary Artistic Practice. Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies . Routledge, London, pp. 36-54. ISBN 9781138855816

Chubb, S. (2011) One Minute. [Shows/Exhibitions]

Chubb, S. (2014) Pen Rest. In: Inspired by: your guide to art and the museum. Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, pp. 23-29. ISBN 9780993014208

Chubb, S. (2017) Significant Walks Video. [Videos] (Submitted)

Chubb, S., Barnes, A. J., Binnie, J., Petrov, J. and Walklate, J. (2011) Location and intervention: Visual practice enabling a synchronic view of artefacts and sites. In: The Thing About Museums: Objects and Experience, Representation and Contestation. Routledge, London, UK, pp. 199-213. ISBN 9780415679046

Chubb, S., Bryant, N., Moore, A. and Saber-Sheikh, K. (2014) Significant Walks. In: On Walking - An International, multidisciplinary conference, 26th - 29th June 2013, University of Sunderland.

Chubb, S., Bryant, N., Moore, A. and Saber-Sheikh, K. (2016) "Significant Walks" : Visualising Well-Being, Articulations of the Data and Experience of Chronic Low Back Pain. In: Well Being 2016, Third International Conference, 5th-6th September 2016, Birmingham City University.

Chubb, S., Bryant, N., Moore, A. and Saber-Sheikh, K. (2016) Significant Walks: Synthesizing Qualitative and Quantitative Reflections on Movement and Place. In: American Anthropological Association - Evidence Accident Discovery - 115th Annual Meeting, 16th - 20th November 2016, Minneapolis Convention Centre. (Unpublished)


Haddon, M. and Johnston, R. (2016) FLY catalogue. [Artefacts]


Johnston, R. (2017) Intertwined - Narrative Cloth. In: Craft History Conference, 15th March 2017, UCA Farnham. (Unpublished)

Johnston, R. (2019) 2019 Cordis Prize for Tapestry Exhibition. [Shows/Exhibitions]

Johnston, R. (2015) Art in Mind. Project Report. University of Chichester. (Unpublished)

Johnston, R. (2012) The Art of Community Engagement. In: GUILD HE, CREST Symposium ‘Sustainable Communities’, September 2012, Coin Street Community Centre, London.

Johnston, R. (2014) Fine Art Beyond the Studio: Fine Art External Projects. In: NAFAE conference, 31st March 2014, Swedenborg Society, London WC1A. (Submitted)

Johnston, R. (2011) Fine Art Beyond the Studio: Gathering Information from Student Projects and Arts in Health Research. In: Research and Scholarship Conference, 2011, University of Chichester. (Submitted)

Johnston, R. (2013) Making stories. Making Futures, 3. ISSN 2042-1664

Johnston, R. (2011) One Kilogramme of Red Wool (Sea). [Shows/Exhibitions]

Johnston, R. (2015) Therapeutic endeavours? Pallant House Gallery Magazine, 35. pp. 36-39.

Johnston, R. (2019) 'What I need my hands to talk about': reflections on the Graylingwell Heritage Project. Making Futures Journal 2017, 5. pp. 1-14. ISSN 2042-1664

Johnston, R., Neville, R. and Lawlor, E. (2009) Unpacking the Past. [Shows/Exhibitions]


Magliveras, E. and Johnston, R. (2016) The Cordis Prize for Tapestry 2016. [Shows/Exhibitions]

Marsh, P., Chubb, S., Hooker, C., Moore, A. and Saber-Sheikh, K. (2016) A Gadamerian approach to interpreting pain: model-making metaphors through embodied cognitive theory. Digital Creativity, 27 (4). pp. 347-357. ISSN 1462-6268

McDade, S. (2011) Entrance to a Lane. [Shows/Exhibitions]

McDade, S. (2012) Margins of the Lane artist statement. [Shows/Exhibitions]


Patrizio, A. and Theophilius, L. (1998) New Work: Polly Binns and Shirley Chubb. King's Lynn Arts Centre, King's Lynn, Norfolk. ISBN 9781898328056


Richmond, C. (2022) A feast for artistic bookworms - Tom Phillips's a Humument and the creation of art riddled with literature. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.


Shelton, A., Reason, D. and Hilty, G. (1995) Hold: Acquisition, Representation, Perception: Work by Shirley Chubb. Catalogues and Occasional Papers Series, 2 . Green Centre for Non-Western Art and Culture at the Royal Pavilion, Art Gallery and Museums, Brighton. ISBN 9780948723230


Tarry, R. (2020) Poverty Porn’ or an honest documentation of Thatcher's Britain? An exploration of Martin's Parr's 'The Last Resort' (1986). Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

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