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Andrew, S. (2021) Paper Trails: The Social Life of Archives and Collections. UCL Press.


Crisp, C. J. (2023) Masters, servants and the interactions of instrumental performance in 18th-century England, 1760-1800. In: NABMSA Online Symposium: Music and Ideas of the Popular: Reconsidering British Music and Musical Practices, 10-12 August, 2023, Online. (Unpublished)

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Graham, E. and Smith, G. (2023) Don Cupitt: prophet, public intellectual and pioneer Public intellectual. Theology, 126 (3). pp. 174-182. ISSN 2044-2696


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Richardson, A. (2023) Castles and Palaces. Routledge Resources Online - Medieval Studies.

Richardson, A. (2021) Gender, Space and Status in the Sixteenth-Century English Deer Park: with reference to the Framlingham Park Game Roll (1515-19) and George Penruddock's Ranger's Book (1572-5). In: Building on the Past: Essays in honour of Tom Beaumont James. BAR (British Archaeological Reports) / Hadrian Books. ISBN 9781407357812


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Strømmen, H. (2021) Goliatmyten: Bibelbruk i høyrepopulistiske og høyreekstreme miljøer. In: Populisme og Kristendom. Cappelen Damm Akademisk, pp. 86-101. ISBN 9788202720315

Strømmen, H. (2021) Sacred Scripts of Populism: Scripture-Practices in the European Far Right. In: The Spirit of Populism: Political Theologies in Polarized Times. Political and Public Theologies . Brill, Leiden, pp. 85-100. ISBN 9789004498310


Turgo, N. N., Cadge, W., Gilliat-Ray, S., Sampson, H. and Smith, G. (2023) Relying on the Kindness of Strangers: Welfare-Providers to Seafarers and the Symbolic Construction of Community. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 52 (2). pp. 192-217. ISSN 1552-5414


Wheeler, P. (2023) Bournemouth Amateur Golf Weeks in the 1930s. Through the Green, March (2023). pp. 24-29.

Wheeler, P. (2023) A gaze at the galleries: spectators at championship golf events in Kent 1892–1938. Sport in History. pp. 1-32. ISSN 1746-0271

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