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Bacon, J. (2004) Myths and Stories by Her. [Shows/Exhibitions]

Baily, U., Barrett, P., Carey, A., Chandler, A., Devonshire Jones, T., Everard, B., Graf, P., Huneke, M., Joice, M., Kemp, E., Lerbs, H., Lloyd, T., McKee-Lerbs, C., Manktelow, M., Mason, L., Moorman, J., Porter, R., Radcliffe, J., Robbins, K., Smith, T., Walker, P. K., Watson, G., Wilkinson, P. and de Witt, A. (2004) Bell of Chichester (1883-1958): a prophetic Bishop. Otter Memorial Papers, 17 . University College Chichester, Chichester, West Sussex. ISBN 0948765844

Beames, S. K. (2004) Overseas youth expeditions: Outcomes, elements, processes. Doctoral thesis, University of Southampton; University of Chichester.

Brickley, P. F. (2004) Towards reflexive practice: An assessment of the postmodern sceptical challenge to empirical histriography. Doctoral thesis, University of Southampton; University of Chichester.

Bunyan, P. (2004) Towards the measurement of social self-esteem in the adventure environment. Doctoral thesis, University of Southampton; University of Chichester.

Burkitt, E., Barrett, M. and Davis, A. (2004) The effect of affective characterizations on the use of size and colour in drawings produced by children in the absence of a model. Educational Psychology, 24 (3). pp. 315-343. ISSN 0144-3410

Bygrave, S., Legg, S. J., Myers, S. D. and Llewellyn, M. (2004) Effect of backpack fit on lung function. Ergonomics, 47 (3). pp. 324-329. ISSN 0014-0139


Cunningham, P. (2004) The physiological demands of elite single-handed dinghy sailing. Doctoral thesis, University of Southampton; University of Chichester.


Davranche, K. and Audiffren, M. (2004) Facilitating effects of exercise on information processing. Journal of Sports Sciences, 22 (5). pp. 419-428. ISSN 0264-0414


Fletcher, B., Graham-Jones, I., Iden, R., McCann, A., McCann, T., Moore, P., Plumley, N., Robins, B., Thomas, E. and Thurlow, A. (2004) Marsh of Chichester (1752-1828): gentleman, composer, musician, writer. Otter Memorial Papers, 19 . University College Chichester, Chichester, West Sussex. ISBN 0948765348

Frey, H. (2004) Louis Malle. French Film Directors . Manchester University Press, Manchester, UK. ISBN 9780719064562


Gray, W. (2004) Robert Louis Stevenson: A Literary Life. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 9780333984017


Hornsby, I. (2004) The dynamics of imagination and the expanding universe: Science and nature as metaphor in Bachelard’s reading of Lautréamont’s Maldoror. In: Cross-Fertilisations: Literature, Science and Nature, 16-18 July 2004, University College Chichester. (Unpublished)


Jenkins, K. (2004) Ethical responsibility and the historian: On the possible end of a history "of a certain kind". History and Theory, 43 (4). pp. 43-60. ISSN 0018-2656

Jenkins, K. (2004) Modernist disavowals and postmodern reminders of the condition of history today: On Jean François Lyotard. Rethinking History, 8 (3). pp. 365-387. ISSN 1470-1154


Little, J. D. (2004) Fanfare, Op.3a. [Audio]

Little, J. D. (2004) That Time of Year, Op.2. [Audio]

Little, J. D. (2004) That Time of Year, Op.2. [Compositions]


Mantin, R. (2004) Thealogies in process: re-searching and theorising spiritualities, subjectivities, and goddess-talk. In: Researching Paganisms. Pagan Studies Series . Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, CA, pp. 147-170. ISBN 0759105227

Mantin, R. (2004) Theaological reflections on embodiment. Feminist Theology, 12 (2). pp. 212-227. ISSN 0966-7350

Moyise, S. and Menken, M. J. J. (2004) The Psalms in the Book of Revelation. In: The Psalms in the New Testament. T&T Clark International, London ; New York, pp. 231-246. ISBN 0567089142


Pattinson, K. T. S., Myers, S. D. and Gardner-Thorpe, C. (2004) Problems with capnography at high altitude. Anaesthesia, 59 (1). pp. 69-72. ISSN 0003-2409

Price, F. (2004) "Inconsistent rhapsodies": Samuel Richardson and the politics of romance. In: A Companion to Romance: From Classical to Contemporary. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, pp. 269-286. ISBN 9781405167277


Smith, G. (2004) Oxford 1937: The Universal Christian Council for Life and Work Conference. Other. Peter Lang, Hamburg.

Smith, N. A., Dyson, R. J. and Janaway, L. (2004) Ground reaction force measures when running in soccer boots and soccer training shoes on a natural turf surface. Sports Engineering, 7 (3). pp. 159-167. ISSN 1369-7072

Stevens, K. (2004) The Visit. In: Fish Anthology 2004: Spoonface and Other Stories. Fish Publishing, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland. ISBN 0954258622

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