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Barker, S. (1998) Marx and Spenser: Some Timely New Lines. Irish Studies Review, 6 (3). pp. 307-350. ISSN 0967-0882

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Book Sections

Barker, S. (1984) Images of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. In: Confronting the Crisis: Proceedings of the Essex Sociology of Literature Conference. University of Essex Press, Colchester. ISBN 9780901726223, 0901726222

Frey, H. (2008) Trapped in the past: The persistence of anti-semitism in Hergé’s 'Flight 714'. In: History and Politics in French-Language Comics and Graphic Novels. University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, pp. 34-51. ISBN 9781604730043

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Conference or Workshop Items

Hornsby, I. (2010) Art and Politics 'to come'. In: Chichester University Arts and Humanities Research papers, 10 March 2010, University of Chichester. (Unpublished)

Noys, B. (2011) Bye, Bye, Mr Critique? In: New Directions in Critical Theory symposium, ‘Dangerous Ideas: Rethinking the Politics of Critique’, 11 Oct 2011, University of Brighton. (Unpublished)

Noys, B. (2013) Days of phuture past: accelerationism in the present moment. In: Accelerationism – A Symposium on Tendencies in Capitalism, 14 Dec 2013, Berlin. (Unpublished)

Noys, B. (2011) Mourning and melancholia: Ultra-left disorders. In: Spaces of capital, moments of struggle: Historical Materialism Eighth Annual Conference, 10-13 Nov 2011, SOAS, London. (Submitted)

Noys, B. (2012) Western nihilism. In: Historical Materialism Ninth Annual Conference, 8-11 Nov 2012, SOAS, London. (Unpublished)

Wilford, A. (2016) Lone Wolves, Werewolves & Radicalised Rolling Stone Covers. In: MANCEPT2016, 7-9 September 2016, University Of Manchester. (Unpublished)


Hornsby, I. (2006) Introducing Anarchy. University of Chichester. (Unpublished)

Lynch, T. (2019) Apocalyptic Political Theology: Hegel, Taubes and Malabou. Political Theologies . Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781350064744

Noys, B. (2023) Crisis and criticism: literary, cultural and political essays, 2009–2021. Historical Materialism Books Series, 307 (218). Brill. ISBN 9789004689558

Noys, B. (2011) Communization and its discontents: Contestation, critique, and contemporary struggles. Minor Compositions, Brooklyn, New York. ISBN 9781570272318

Noys, B. (2014) Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism. Zero Books, Winchester. ISBN 9781782793007


Dam, E. (2022) “The Good Faith Principle should be considered under the English Contract Law from the recent adoption of the Guidance Principle". Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Gear, L. (2021) Analysing the successes and failures of the main UK political parties Brexit strategy 2016-19 and the historic circumstances that led them there. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

John, K. (2021) People papers: the Pan-African communities and Afro-Caribbean radicals between Paulette Nardal and George Padmore c. 1918-1948. Doctoral thesis, University of Chichester.

Karim, E. (2022) The Hidden pandemic :a critical analysis of whether the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 goes far enough to protect victims of domestic violence. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Kimber, L. (2020) Can dance effectively engage an audience when used as a platform to address the climate emergency? Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Land, C. (2022) Has Vladimir Putin Rejuvenated Fascism Fascist in the 21st Century. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Smith, C. (2022) A critical analysis of the abuse of the rule of law during the COVID-19 pandemic in the British constitution during the 21st century by the executive in particular Boris Johnson and his government. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Wilcock, N. (2019) The critical citizen: a method through Rousseau, Dewey and Freire. Doctoral thesis, University of Chichester.

in ‘t Veld, L., C. (2016) Considering Kitsch: The Representation of Genocide in Graphic Narratives. Doctoral thesis, UNIVERSITY OF CHICHESTER.

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