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Ali, M., Koh, S. C. L., Liu, L., Zhang, J., Roberts, W. M., Robins, D. and Cooper, D. (2022) Assessing pre-pandemic carbon footprint of diet transitions in UK nations and regions. International Journal of Production Research. pp. 1-16. ISSN 0020-7543

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Kelly, S. J., Kelly, J. S., Gardner, E., Baker, J., Monk, C. and Julian, A. (2023) Improving attitudes towards adders (Vipera berus) and nature connectedness in primary‐age group children. People and Nature, 5 (6). pp. 1908-1921. ISSN 2575-8314

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Book Sections

Simon, M. and Dixon, A. M. (2001) Design for energy efficiency. In: Conference: ICED'01: International Conference on Engineering Design. Mechanical Engineering Publications, pp. 621-628. ISBN 1-86058-356-3


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Conference or Workshop Items

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Bonnie, A. S. (2021) How art and choreographic objects can be used as a catalyst for environmental change: specifically, in relation to the plastic pollution crisis. Masters thesis, University of Chichester.

Broadhurst, H. (2019) Care for creation: christian activism and biblical justification for environmentalism. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Kimber, L. (2020) Can dance effectively engage an audience when used as a platform to address the climate emergency? Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Pegler, L. (2023) The Changing landscape of environmental law in times of war : balancing present needs with future protection. Undergraduate thesis, University of Chichester.

Whittick, P. J. (2017) A Theory of Primal Writing: Refocusing the Narrative Lens upon the Non-human. Doctoral thesis, University of Chichester.

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