Andy Dixon

Director of Research

Research Office

University of Chichester

Andy is the Director of Research at the University responsible for leading the Research Strategy and providing support the University's research community as head of the Research Office. Andy was previously a Research Fellow in Eco-Design at Sheffield Hallam University following his doctoral work at Imperial College, London. His research has focused particularly on urban sustainability issues relating to domestic water usage and has published on greywater and rainwater re-use and life cycle analysis relating to urban water systems. Prior to taking up his role at the University of Chichester he led a team of research funding officers at the University of Sheffield to support research bidding under themes of Global Environmental Change, Energy and Identities. He is also the Director more...

BEng (Hons) Civil and Structural Engineering (Bradford) MSc Environmental Engineering (Imperial College) PhD Simulation of domestic water re-use systems: greywater and rainwater in combination (Imperial College)

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Latest Additions

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