The Good, Bad & Ugly of Implementing Event Management Initiatives in a Regional Business School

Sealy, W. (2023) The Good, Bad & Ugly of Implementing Event Management Initiatives in a Regional Business School. In: The impact of regional business schools on their communities: an holistic perspective. Palgrave, London. (In Press)

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The higher education (HE) landscape in the UK has experienced a transformation since the introduction of fees. This is particularly true for Business Schools which now operate under the premise of commercialisation, commoditization, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Undergraduates bring a consumerists ethos to their higher education institutions that is concerned about the quality and value of their degree vis a vis the fees paid. They demand more value from higher education than ever before, particularly as it relates to opportunities to gain hands-on work experience (Kandiko and Mawer 2013; Tomlinson 2014). This new dispensation effects how Business Schools are managed and how decisions are made. This chapter visits the tensions, conflicts and consequent bad relations between the Business School and its stakeholders in learning and teaching activity concerning event management pedagogy. This is a longitudinal, enhanced auto-ethnography (Humphreys and Watson, 2009), and is my personal narrative, on the power relations and the anxiety, confusion, tensions, conflicts and emotions between students, tutors and event organisations in the teaching and learning initiatives of event management education. The story is told from the tutor’s perspective and it outlines ways in which these initiatives and relationships have been subsequently managed and how management strategies have impacted student learning.

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