Stephanie Bennett

Lecturer in Criminology and Forensic Psychology


University of Chichester

Forensic Psychology, Criminology, Crime Science, Quantitative Methods, Statistics, Children and Young People

Stephanie has been teaching for over 20 years, initially at the University of Plymouth (1999-2008) and more recently in the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth between 2011-2021. Stephanie also has been teaching Forensic Psychology (Masters level) for the Open University since 2018. Stephanie has experience of working for the NHS (Adult mental health), and the charity sector (Down Syndrome Education International) as well as extensive experience of teaching and researching both Psychology and Criminology in academic settings. Stephanie is a specialist in quantitative research methods, in particular survey design and analysing survey data using descriptive and inferential methods.

Stephanie holds a BSc, MSc, PhD in Psychology, and a MSc in Crime Science Investigation and Intelligence.

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Latest Additions

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