Mike Callan

Reader in Sport Coaching and Management

Sport Development and Management

University of Chichester

Coaching, Sport Development, Sport Management, Coach Education, Judo, Talent Development

A Reader in Sport Coaching and Management, Dr Callan is an internationally respected academic in the field of judo. He is the President of the International Association of Judo Researchers, and a Scientific and Didactic Expert for the European Judo Union. Author of over 30 books and articles, he has lectured in over 20 countries. He founded the Richard Bowen Archive at the University of Bath, which was nominated for the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. A world leader in international judo coach education, he has supported the professional development of around 200 coaches working with national level athletes from over 20 nations. As a coach practitioner, athletes he has worked with have medalled at Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth level. Founder of the consultancy firm more...

PhD “Elite Sport and Education Support Systems” Department of Sport & Exercise Science, University of Bath. Diploma in Management (NVQ level 5) (Distinction) Management Unit, University of Reading. City & Guilds Teachers Certificate Department of Business Studies, Newbury College. Certificate of Physical Recreation for the Community Centre for Leisure & Tourism Studies, University of North London. BSc (Hons) Ergonomics Department of Human Sciences, Loughborough University.

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Latest Additions

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