Stephen Myers

Professor of Exercise Physiology

Sport and Exercise Physiology

Environmental physiology, Applied & Occupational physiology, Weight loss and Hypoxia, Response to exercise in hypoxia


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Latest Additions

  1. Carden, Patrick J. C., Izard, Rachel, Greeves, J. P., Lake, Jason P. and Myers, Stephen D. (2015) Force and acceleration characteristics of military foot drill: implications for injury risk in recruits. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, 1 (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2055-7647
  2. Bradwell, Arthur R., Myers, Stephen D., Beazley, Maggie, Ashdown, Kimberly, Harris, Nick G., Bradwell, Susie B., Goodhart, Jamie, Imray, Chris H., Wimalasena, Yashvi, Edsell, Mark R., Pattinson, Kyle T. S., Wright, Alex D. and Harris, Stephen J. (2014) Exercise Limitation of Acetazolamide at Altitude (3459 m). Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, 25 (3). pp. 272-277. ISSN 1080-6032