Dawn Robins

Research Coordinator and Senior Lecturer

Business School

University of Chichester

I am currently a Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator for the Business School at the University of Chichester. The role includes the project management of significant theoretical and practical research, supervision of projects, graduate supervision and dissemination of analyses through academic journals, conference and business seminars. I have used techniques from cognitive psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, human geography and ethnography during my time as an academic and commercial research scientist engaged in conducting and managing basic and applied social research programmes in both the private and academic sectors. My main research interests lie in the relationship between social and business behaviour and practices and cluster formation with a special interest more...

Originally from a social science background, I have a BA in Human Geography (University of Chichester), a MA(Res) in Urban Economy and Culture and a PhD in Transport Geography (Southampton University) which focused on the application of cost benefit analysis to the rail transport system in the UK.

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Latest Additions

  1. Robins, Dawn (2011) Support for innovation and clustering in the Channel Arc Manche Marine Industry. CAMIS Arc Manche INTERREG Project.
  2. Robins, Dawn (2011) Clustering and the cconomic impacts of marinas. [Experiment]
  3. Robins, Dawn (2012) Executive summary for clustering in the Arc Manche Marine Industry: a combined English and French report. Project Report. Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy INTERREG IVa.
  4. Robins, Dawn (2010) Devon Marine Industry: CAMIS Themed Analysis Report for Devon County Council. Technical Report. Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy INTERREG IVa, Chichester, West Sussex.
  5. Robins, Dawn (2012) West Sussex Environment and Climate Change Board: maintain, mend and pass-on: analysis of the sector and cluster potential. Project Report. West Sussex County Council, Chichester, West Sussex.
  6. Robins, Dawn (2011) Maritime Plymouth: opportunities for strengthening membership through cluster activities. Discussion Paper. Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy INTERREG IVa.
  7. Robins, Dawn and Ellis, Steve (2011) The facilitation of KT for Maritime Plymouth, a marine industry cluster group, challenges, lessons and results. In: KT Conference, 2011, Sheffield. (Unpublished)
  8. Robins, Dawn (2012) Developing a supply chain: Rampian wind farm. Technical Report. University of Chichester: Marine SouthEast.
  9. Robins, Dawn and Cooper, David (2013) Aldrington Basin, Shoreham harbour, A Delivery Plan. Project Report. University of Chichester, Chichester, UK.
  10. Robins, Dawn (2017) Women in Sports Leadership Academy: an evaluation. Project Report. University of Chichester, Chichester, UK.