Jordan Matthews

Sport Social Science

University of Chichester

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Latest Additions

  1. Matthews, Jordan and Pike, Elizabeth (2016) ‘What on Earth are They Doing in a Racing Car?’: Towards an Understanding of Women in Motorsport. The International Journal of the History of Sport. ISSN 0952-3367
  2. Fasting, Kari, Pike, Elizabeth, Sand, Trond and Matthews, Jordan (2014) From Brighton to Helsinki. Women and Sport Progress Report 1994-2014. Technical Report. Finnish Sports Confederation Valo, Helsinki, Finland.
  3. Fasting, Kari, Pike, Elizabeth, Matthews, Jordan and Sand, Trond Svela (2018) From Helsinki to Gaborone: IWG Progress Report 2013-2018. Technical Report. International Working Group on Women and Sport, Gaborone, Botswana.
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  7. Matthews, Jordan (2020) The Brighton Conference on Women and Sport. Sport in History. pp. 1-33. ISSN 1746-0263