Ian Hornsby

Senior Lecturer in Critical and Cultural Theory Department of Theatre and Art


Critical and Cultural Theory, PhD Supervisor, Comic Studies, Romanticism

Ian is Senior Lecturer in Critical and Cultural Theory at the University of Chichester, UK. He is also a comic book writer and artist who specialises in creating sequential graphic works that address ‘complex ideas’ in new and digestible ways.

1995 – 1998 MPhil: University College Chichester/University of Southampton, (On Quality, A Philosophical Investigation into the writings of Robert M. Pirsig). 1991 – 1994 BA (Hons): West Sussex Institute of Higher Education, English & Related Arts (2:1)

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Latest Additions

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  2. Hornsby, Ian (2017) An Oblique Offering: Emergence and Things In Themselves. [Artefact]
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